Mobile App Introduction and Online and Offline Purchases and Product Returns[85]

Unnati Narang[86], Venkatesh Shankar[87]

   Press Release: Do Those Retail Apps Increase Customer Engagement and Sales in All Channels? New Research Says ‘Yes’ on Both Sales and Returns[88]

A Salesforce-Driven Model of Consumer Choice[89]

Bicheng Yang[90], Tat Chan[91], Raphael Thomadsen[92]

   Press Release: Want to Optimize Sales Performance? New Research Says Reduce Commissions on Sales of Popular Items and Provide Sales Incentives, Not Customer Discounts[93]

Opinion Leaders and Product Variety[94]

Dmitri Kuksov[95], Chenxi Liao[96]

   Press Release: New Research Says Consumers Trust Influencers Less When There is a Variety of Choices for a Product[97]

Mobile Hailing Technology and Taxi Driving Behaviors[98]

Yanwen Wang[99], Chunhua Wu[100], Ting Zhu[101]

   Press Release: New Research Says Consumers Trust Influencers Less When There is a Variety of Choices for a Product[102]

July-August 2019

Skimming from the Bottom: Empirical Evidence of Adverse Selection When Poaching Customers[103]

Przemysław Jeziorski[104], Elena Krasnokutskaya[105], Olivia Ceccarini[106]

   Press Release: Insurance Companies: Want to Steal Your Competitors’ Customers? New Research Says It May Cost You[107]

Word of Mouth, Observed Adoptions, and Anime-Watching Decisions: The Role of the Personal vs. the Community Network[108]

Mina Ameri[109], Elizabeth Honka[110], Ying Xie[111]

   Press Release: What’s More Powerful, Word-of-Mouth or Following Someone Else’s Lead? New Research Says It’s Word-of-Mouth[112]

May-June 2019

Measuring the Impact of Product Placement with Brand-Related Social Media Conversations and Website Traffic[113]

Beth L. Fossen[114], David A. Schweidel[115]

   Press Release: Measuring Impact of Product Placement[116]

Competitive Dynamics in the Sharing Economy: An Analysis in the Context of Airbnb and Hotels[117]

Hui Li[118], Kannan Srinivasan[119]

   Press Release: Airbnb v. Hotels: New Research Sheds Light on How They Can Compete and Benefit in the Sharing Economy[120]

March-April 2019

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